• More About Us

    Louis Shapiro (“Louis”) was born in Heilbron in the Free State, where he grew up as the son of a General Dealer store owner with his two brothers and his sister. After having completed his schooling in Heilbron, Louis enrolled at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg to study towards his law degree. He found this difficult due to the fact that his home languages at the time were Yiddish and Afrikaans and due to the fact that he could not speak English.

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  • Mission Statement

    A relatively large amount of lawyers out there, consisting of advocates and attorneys, look down upon divorce lawyers and adopt an attitude that divorce lawyers are inferior to other lawyers. These lawyers seem to suffer from illusions of grandeur and seem to regard themselves as superior beings when they push out their chests and state, “I don’t do matrimonial law, I only do commercial.”

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  • FAQ

    What are the costs of a divorce?

    What is the procedure that needs to be followed should I want to divorce my spouse?

    How long does a divorce take to finalize?

    Can you recover the costs of the divorce from my spouse?

    What particulars and documentation do you require from me in order to enable you to issue summons for divorce against my spouse, on my behalf?

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